Our vineyard sits in the hills of the northern end of Central Hawkes Bay. Being up in altitude with a more hilly terrain, it is significantly cooler than the Heretaunga plains of Hawkes Bay.

We’ve planted on a north west facing slope towards the bottom of a narrow valley. This contributes to grape quality but in the spring we often have to fight quite severe frosts. While in the summer we enjoy heat in the shelter of the valley, summer nights are generally cool. Pinot Noir likes the heat by day and the cool of the night.

Narrow rows running across the face of a hill have meant that most work is done by hand except for mowing and spraying by my custom built machine. Even the 3 to 4 kilometres of terraces had to be dug in by hand. Every plant and every shoot gets a lot of individual attention in order to achieve the open canopy as seen on our home screen. From the removal of excess buds right at the start of the spring to the removal of sub-standard fruit at the end of the season, each plant would get at least a dozen personal visits.

Our aim is to produce a special quality spirits that is distinctive, unique, rich and luxurious. To achieve such quality, we decided to limit our vineyard size and the grape volume it could produce so that we can ensure that the high standards of production in both the vineyard and the winery are maintained through our direct involvement in all processes.

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We specialize in unique spirits handcrafted from the purest homegrown ingredients.

Hanson Han
Master Spirits Maker